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What is


First of all, I have to make clear what type of webpage is It is a blog dedicated to bringing the most interesting information about the construction industry. The idea is for people to come here to find fun and useful information.

There will be articles that will be fun and also very interesting. All the information posted here is made after researching intensively different topics to build a great post and also mixing it with a few fun comments.

And who maintains it? Well, I do, I’m Robert Giddens, a passionate guy who loves to speak about this stuff. For many years now I have been bothering my friends with this topic until I decided to make this blog. It was created with the mere intention of helping and entertaining people related to this industry with great information.

So yeah. In conclusion, is a blog where you will get interesting, fun and even addictive information about the construction industry and other related topics.

Who are you and what do you talk about?talk

I’m Robert Giddens, I’m a construction worker that have too many friends, a wife, and two beautiful kids. I come originally and live in Austin, Texas. I love my city, it represents me and makes me happy every day. I’m a good American, I help my neighbors with whatever they need and my wife with the house tasks. My interests are cars, and also construction.

I hope one day I can build a construction business giving the customer attention and using the quality materials I think are the best to make a great business. Someday I will make it, I’m sure of it.

When you do something is advised to have a clear goal to it, and mine is that I made this blog to entertain and help people. I love doing this two things. It is not to give myself and image of a saint. But I cannot lie, I really like to see the smile on people when I help them.

One common question I get is why I chose as the name of my blog. Well, the answer is that shafts are one vital part of machines and I think that this blog will take a role similar to an important part of my life. And Texas, well, it is where I live and passed the greatest years of my life, I just wanted to put it on the blog and I didn’t know how. Yeah, I know, it is a very complicated why of justifying the name, but it is the true.

In this blog, you will receive a lot of information about a lot of topics. I will make how to articles, news, opinions, and many other posts talking about the construction industry and also other related industries and news. I will make serious but also funny articles so I can get the attention of many types of people that are interested in this industry but have different tastes in the way they like to surf the web.

Why I do this and how I think I will make it?why1

There are many, many ways to help people. You can help with materials things but also with information and good advice. I see as a way to help people giving information in an interesting, and funny way. There are a lot of people that would like to get news and posts about the topics that I mentioned and this blog is aimed to solve that need.

Bloggers commonly see their blogs as a very serious job that requires chirurgical precision in each and every word of every post published. They think that if they mess up they are going to lose all their following. This is not the case with Why? Because I have a job that provides stability in my life, so I don’t need to be excessively afraid of the things I post and knowing that the main goal is to entertain and be funny, there needs to be some kind of improvisation that can’t be planned. In other words, the main point of this blog is to attract attention and entertain being creative, funny and not too formal.