Texas has the best people in the world

There are so many ways that you could be nice to people. Helping them do the groceries, talking to them when they have problems, and many others. We Texans are masters in this department, we know exactly how to make someone feel great and we love doing it.

I remember one time a friend from another country came by chance to the US and stayed a couple of days here in my house. This happened a few years ago and as a matter of fact, he stills remember that time and how a great time he had with me and my family. So, yeah, I know how we can make someone feel awesome.

In the following paragraph you fill find a few good causes I think justify the fact that Texas has the best people in the world. Enjoy..


Are You Hungry?

If you first meet a guy or girl from Texas. There shouldn’t pass a couple of minutes since this person asks you the common question: are you hungry?

We love to feed people with our homemade meals that will blow your mind. We are great cookers with many years of experience feeding our families. And, also we will show you the best places in town to go out to eat and take a good look at this beautiful state.

Texas has the best people in the world

Texas Literally Means Friend

In the Caddo Language, Texas literally means friend. Which is a perfect description for our people. I mean, what are the chances in the world that that would happen if it wasn’t a signal to say that texas has the best people in the world?

Texas has the best people in the world

Do You Wanna Go Out?

If you visit Texas for the first time there is a big chance that you would like to visit the awesome places this beautiful places this state has. And what better way to do that than just from going out and eating? We Texans will show you the best places in town to go out and grave a bite.

Texas has the best people in the world

We Like Working Together

Construction is one of the base economic activities that brings many jobs to Texas. And what better to work in construction that relying in your coworkers to do a great job? There is no better ways to get to work knowing that in there are waiting for you great people that will have your back anyways. That is why we love to work together.

Texas has the best people in the world

Oh, The Front Porch

For us Texans there is no better place to pass our time that talking to our family and friends in the front porch watching the nature, sipping a cold iced tea or drinking beers. There is just nothing better than that to pass our free time. And do not worry, if you are new to here we won’t hesitate to invite you.

Texas has the best people in the world

Hard Work Is Our Motto

Since we are kids our family teaches us hard and profound values that do not erase that easily. One of them is hard work. We know that waking up early and working hard is the way so go to have a satisfying life. There is no way around it.

Texas has the best people in the world

About the author

Robert Giddens

I’m Robert Giddens, I’m a construction worker that have too many friends, a wife, and two beautiful kids. I come originally and live in Austin, Texas. I love my city, it represents me and makes me happy every day. I’m a good American, I help my neighbors with whatever they need and my wife with the house tasks. My interests are cars, and also construction.