Construction Workers: One of the best types of people

construction workers

I really like construction workers. I’ve loved them all my life, my father was a construction worker and I inherited that passion for the construction industry that he had. What I really like the most of this kind of people is that they have a great level of work ethic, they are really hard working people that bust their butts off waking up very early in the morning and going to work without any claims. They also are risk takers, it must require having a big pair of balls to go to work knowing that anything can happen to you, from stepping on a nail, which can be prevented using the right pair of work boots, to falling from huge heights.

They also are people with really strong values that love their families and help others in need if it is necessary. But don't let me lie, they also are really funny and friendly people, they always have fun at work without having trouble with their responsibilities. That is what I think a workplace must be, somewhere you can hang out, have fun but also do meaningful work.

Most of all, I think construction workers are awesome because they sum up everything that I look for when I meet someone. I like people who are funny, honest and a hard working people.

Importance of Construction in Texasconstruction workers

When talking about the wellbeing of people you must know that the US economy, and the global economy too, does a very important role in this topic. If you have a healthy economy with a fair level of equality, there is a certainty that a good level of the population will be happy. One of the best ways to make an economy healthy is with good and complex industries that provide jobs and activate other industries.

Construction is one of those industries that help other industries activate and provides a big number of jobs. I mean, when you make a building you demand a wide variety of products from cement to the service of construction workers. Because of this, there is no better industry to jump start an economy that construction.

In other posts, we talked about the huge tendency in Texas where there are many aspects that attract people from other states to come and live in Texas. One of those aspects is the huge construction tendency that is happening right now. There are thousands of construction sites in this beautiful state giving thousands and thousands of jobs to many different people from different backgrounds which is something that makes me proud to call myself a Texan construction worker.

Texan Construction Workers

As I said before construction is one of the main streams of income in the state of Texas. We are talking about thousands of jobs being generated by this industry alone.  When something like this happens what that does is by combining two types of people I really love, people from Texas and construction workers, making what I come to call the “Texan Construction Worker”.

This type of construction worker has so many interesting and particular characteristics that will blow your mind. He is very funny, for all construction workers, but he also loves food. I mean talking about food is one of the best things that a construction worker from Texas knows how to do at work with his friends. He has THE MOST AWESOME accent there is in the entire world AND he is very hard working and with the best family values. What else can you ask from a man?

In conclusion, this type of particular construction worker is one of the footprints from Texas, not only because it is really awesome, but also because it sums up both of the best types of people, Texans and construction workers

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Robert Giddens

I’m Robert Giddens, I’m a construction worker that have too many friends, a wife, and two beautiful kids. I come originally and live in Austin, Texas. I love my city, it represents me and makes me happy every day. I’m a good American, I help my neighbors with whatever they need and my wife with the house tasks. My interests are cars, and also construction.