Texas, the new awesome

best place to live in the United States

Texas is the second largest state in America. It is also the place where I lived all my life and raised my family. I have so much history in this state that it brings tears to my eyes. When I talk to someone who is searching for a place to live outside the state he or she is from, I can't stop recommending Texas. And that is not only because I love this place, but also because other really smart reasons that end up convincing most of the people I talk to about his stuff.


It’s one of the best states in the country, and that is not only because I really like the state but also because it has some really great features that are boosting the greatness of this state. Those features are worth to mention and explain them in order to give information about why is Texas becoming the best place to live in the United States. The reasons are the following:

1)   Middle-income job is disappearingbest place to live in the United States

According to the best fonts of information in the country, the middle-class income is disappearing. The lower income class is growing and the top class is also growing. The problem is that the distribution of that money created by the development of the economy is really uneven. So, that is causing the middle class to disappear and that is also one of the reasons that Texas is growing in popularity. Because it offers a cheap lifestyle that is very advantageous to the low-income class people.

2)   Housingbest place to live in the United States

We have been talking about the rising levels of cost of living all across the country and also we made clear the housing expenses are very important in this topic. Is really easy to say that to achieve a better style of life you need to cut costs and what better way of reducing your expenses that by renting or buying houses that are cheap?

Well, that is where Texas comes in. This is a state where the whole housing market is just nuts. It is really cheap. People are coming from all parts of the country just to rent a house because they know that the living expense here is really cheap. And that is one of the main reasons why Texas is the best place to live in the United States

3)   Cheap lifebest place to live in the United States

Texas is the kind of state that you won’t believe how cheap it is. It also will make you mad when you compare it to other states, especially New York. I mean, the difference is abysmal. In here, you can have a business enjoying cheap labor and cheap gas to go to work. The gallon is as low as $3, crazy.

The other factor is that, aside from the really cheap expenses, the income level is at the heights of the others states which give the possibility to the residents of Texas of having the possibility to save money, and a lot of it.

4)   Taxesbest place to live in the United States

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The state of Texas doesn’t have any income tax. Per resident, the administration is only able to collect only $3.500, which is really low comparing it to other states like California, for example, which is a state that has a collection average of around $5.000


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Robert Giddens

I’m Robert Giddens, I’m a construction worker that have too many friends, a wife, and two beautiful kids. I come originally and live in Austin, Texas. I love my city, it represents me and makes me happy every day. I’m a good American, I help my neighbors with whatever they need and my wife with the house tasks. My interests are cars, and also construction.